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Getting screened and treated for hepatitis C is easier than you thought

Why do I need HepSolved?

Pie chart showing only 81% of insurance claims are approved
If your country's healthcare system or insurer have told you that you're not covered for hepatitis C treatment, the cost of getting your hep C cured will often be unaffordable. Although there are patient assistance programs to help with the cost, the process can be difficult to navigate and applications are often denied if not made properly.
Insurance profit report
Even if you have health insurance - or live in a country with with a national healthcare system - these powerful institutions that are meant to pay often avoid coverage for their own financial benefit.
Price differential graph
The cost of certain hep C prescriptions can vary by thousand of dollars between different pharmacies.
Man in pain
'Discounted' unregulated online sources can be risky and end up being a waste of money and even causing you harm.

Why let HepSolved help with your hep C prescription

More likely to be approved with HepSolved
We'll use every clause in the book to make sure that your country's healthcare system or your insurer pay for your treatment. 
Access Program research
If this doesn't work - or if you have no health coverage - we'll then identify any access programmes you may be lawfully eligible for to get free or subsidised hep c treatment.
Licensed pharmacy
If you aren't eligible for any of the first two solutions, we'll find a pharmacy that will fill your hep c prescription at the best available price.
Our supply chain integrity means your medication will come from a quality licensed pharmacy and would only have been in a temperature controlled environment before getting to you.

How it works

If you haven't been screened for hep C

Ask your physician or check your local medical authority guidelines to see whether you should be screened for hep C.
Have your antibody blood test. If you're a high risk patient, HepSolved can arrange this for you for free.
If antibody test comes back positive, you'll need a test to check your RNA levels (RNA is a substance that the virus makes itself).
If your RNA test is also positive, this means you have active chronic hepatitis C. But don't panic: there are now several simple cures for hep c.

If you have been diagnosed with hepatitis C

Get prescription from your physician. In some countries, your GP will be able to prescribe the simple hep c cure or alternatively he or she will refer you to a hepatologist.  
Fill in HepSolved form and upload your prescription .
HepSolved arrange the most cost-effective lawful option for filling your prescription.
Take your medication as per your treatment plan and get your hep c solved.

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Images are intended NOT to be an accurate representation of the genuine packaging of the branded drugs your pharmacist would dispense

*based on sources lawfully available to you 

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